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Interactive Rugby Fantasy League



1. The Interactive Rugby Fantasy League (IRFL) will be managed by the “League Manager”, whose decision on any matters not fully covered by the rules, will be final. Entry into the competition implies full acceptance of these rules.

2. Each entry must be made on the official entry form and be accompanied by a cheque or postal order for £8.00 (the cost of internet entries will be £6.00 per team). There is no limit to the number of entries that an individual may make. The computer record of the entry will be deemed to be the official record.

3. All entries must be posted on or before the closing date of Friday, 1st February 2013, which is the date of the start of Round 1 of Super League games. If entries are submitted via the internet, then the deadline for us receiving these is 8.00 pm on Friday, 1st February 2013.

4. Each entry must consist of a team of seventeen players and one coach, selected from the Players' Register and whose combined value is not in excess of £3 million.

5. The first thirteen players in an IRFL team must be selected in their correct positions. The four substitutes must consist of two backs and two forwards.

6. No more than two personnel can be selected from any one Super League club. That is one coach and one player or two players. However, if a player or coach is transferred from one Super League club to another Super League club, he will be eligible to continue to score IRFL points and the “two players per club” rule may be breached, for this reason only. If a player or coach is transferred to a non-Super League club, then he will not score points for IRFL teams.

7. Coaches and Players will score points in Super League games only. They will be awarded, or deducted, points as follows:

a. Coaches will receive 8 points for each Super League game in which their team participates. Players selected in the starting thirteen for their club's games will receive 5 points. Players selected as substitutes will receive 3 points.

b. A player will receive 4 points for each try that he scores and 1 point for each field goal that he kicks. Goalkickers will receive two points for each successful conversion or penalty goal, but these goal points will be calculated separately.

c. Coaches and participating Players whose teams win their Super League games, will receive a bonus of 1 point for each try that their team has scored. For Coaches and participating Players of the losing teams, they will be awarded 1 point for each try that their team has scored, less 1 point for each try conceded. In drawn games, Coaches and participating Players from both teams will receive 3 points. Coaches cannot score points as players, or vice versa.

d. Any player who is sent to the “sin-bin” will lose 5 points. Any player who is “sent-off” will lose 10 points.

8. IRFL team scores will be calculated on a Round-by-Round basis of Super League fixtures and will be the aggregate of; the points scored by the Coach, the points scored by the highest scoring seven of the nine backs (position numbers 1 to 7 and 14 to 15), the points scored by the highest scoring six of the eight forwards (position numbers 8 to 13 and 16 to 17) and the goal-kicking points scored by the single highest scoring goalkicker.

9. The valuations of players on the Players' Register will be reviewed periodically, in the light of the player's current form and, if deemed appropriate, will be adjusted accordingly. New players may also be added to the Players' Register periodically. The values attributed to each player are for IRFL purposes only and are not designed to reflect a player's actual value.

10. If, as a result of a player re-valuation, the value of an IRFL team exceeds £3 million, then this is permissible.

11. Player transfers will be permitted after Round 1 of Super League games (ie after 3rd February 2013) and no transfers will be allowed after the transfer deadline of 16th August 2013. All transfers must be made on the official postal or on-line transfer forms and be accompanied by a cheque, postal order or PayPal payment for £2.00 each. Transfers are limited to a maximum of two, for each of the eighteen positions within the IRFL team, throughout the course of the season.

12. When transferring players, entrants must ensure that the total value of their IRFL team does not exceed the £3 million limit or, if this limit has been exceed due to a monthly player re-valuation, that the value of the player(s) being transferred in, does not exceed that of the player(s) being transferred out. Entrants must also ensure that the composition of their IRFL team, at all times, conforms to the requirements of Paragraph 5 and Paragraph 6 above.

13. Any entrant submitting an invalid initial team selection will have their entry randomly adjusted so that it complies with these Competition Rules. Any invalid transfer request will be charged with a £1.00 administration fee. The balance of the transfer fees paid will be returned by way of credit vouchers, which can be used against the cost of the corrected transfer.

14. The winner of the 2013 Interactive Rugby Fantasy League will be the entrant whose IRFL team scores the most points over the twenty seven Rounds of the regular season of the Super League competition. The runner-up will be the second highest scoring team and the third place will be the third highest scoring team. The prizes for these winners are as outlined overleaf.

15. The six entrants whose team scores most points in a “month” will each win a prize as detailed overleaf. For this purpose, the season will be divided into six “months” which will be determined by the round number of the Super League games schedule. Month 1 is Rounds 1 to 5, Month 2 is Rounds 6 to 10, Month 3 is Rounds 11 to 14, Month 4 is Rounds 15 to 18, Month 5 is Rounds 19 to 23 and Month 6 is Rounds 24 to 27. No one single entry can win more than one of these prizes.

16. The twenty-seven entrants whose team scores the most points in each round of Super League games, will each win a prize as detailed overleaf. No single entry can win more than one of these prizes.

17. In the event of a tie for any of the prize-winning positions, the team with the lowest value at the conclusion of that particular phase of the competition will be deemed to be the winner.

18. Match statistics will be as published and these statistics will be the only ones used in determining IRFL points. In the interests of fairness, the League Manager may investigate any irregularities that are brought to his attention and, where these are proved conclusively, will amend the points accordingly.

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