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Can you steer your Dream Team to victory and win one of the super prizes on offer?


Here’s what to do:

Select your Dream Team from the Players’ Register. Each team must consist of a coach and seventeen players. You can only select two personnel from each Super League club and the total value of your selections must not exceed the £3 million limit.

All players must be selected in their correct positions, with the substitute backs coming from any of the full backs, wing/centre threequarters, stand off halves or scrum halves categories. The substitute forwards must be selected from the prop forwards, hookers, second row forwards or loose forwards categories.

Choose a name for your Dream Team and complete the Entry Form that is attached. Then mail to us the completed Entry Form along with your cheque (please make payable to IRFL) or Postal Order for the £8.00 entry fee for each team if entering via post or £6.00 if the teams are entered on our website. You may enter as many teams as you like. All entries must be posted by the closing date, which is Friday 1st February.

Here’s what happens next:

When your entry has been received, it will be checked to ensure that it complies with the Competition Rules. When it has been accepted, it will be entered into the competition and you will be sent confirmation of the computer record, along with a Score Chart on which you can monitor your team’s progress throughout the season. You will also be sent some Transfer Request Forms.

Please refer to the Competition Rules printed overleaf (paragraphs 7 and 8) for details on how your team will accumulate points.

Players’ scores can be calculated from details in the rugby league press, but if you prefer to keep right up to date with all the official scores, then you can subscribe to our Weekly Results service. For a cost of £19.00 for the whole season, we will send you details of all players’ scores, every week throughout the season. Alternatively, you can pick up the players’ scores from our web site after each Round, for a cost of just £8.00 for the whole season. If you subscribe to the web-based results service, you will also be able to access an on-line version of your Score Chart, which will be updated after each Round. Just one subscription to the Weekly Results service will cover all teams registered at one particular address.

Each ‘month’ throughout the season, the League Manager will monitor the performance and scores of all coaches and players and, if deemed appropriate, will adjust their values accordingly. Some new players will be added to the Players’ Register at the time of the monthly update.

You will be receive a News Bulletin each ‘month’, along with an updated Players’ Register and details on how your team is performing in the league tables.

What to do if your team is not performing too well:

You had better replace some of your players with better quality ones!!

After Round 1 games have been completed, the transfer market will open and you will be able to reucture your team as you feel necessary. Each transfer costs just £2.00, but be careful, as you are limited to just two transfers to each of the eighteen positions in your team throughout the season.

It is each entrant’s responsibility to maintain a competitive IRFL team, by using the transfer system to their best advantage. You will be sent more precise details on how the player transfer system operates, along with the confirmation of your team’s entry.

Here’s what the winners will get:

The highest scoring team in each Round of games, will win a replica shirt from the Super League club of their choice.

The highest scoring team in each ‘month’, will win a 2014 Season Ticket for the Super League club of their choice.

The main prizes will be in the season long competition, which covers all twenty seven rounds of the regular season. The winner will be the team that accumulates most points over this period and he or she will be heading off on a “Dream Trip” to Sydney, Australia, for next year’s NRL Grand Final.

Further prizes for the runner-up and third placed teams, are as detailed on the "Prizes" page.

The new feature that we introduced a few years ago was the fourteen mini-leagues for the supporters of each Super League club. This proved to be quite popular and will feature again this season. All entries will be placed into one of the mini-leagues and the entries that get the most points over the season will each win a framed picture of players connected with their club.

Our aim is to provide you with a competition that will maintain your interest throughout the whole season and with some forty nine prizes on offer, we believe that we can do just that.

We hope that you accept the challenge and we look forward to receiving your entries. Please keep the copy of the Players’ Register, as you will need it for the first weeks of the competition, should you need to make any player transfers.

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