The owner of the highest scoring team in each Round, wins a replica shirt
from the Super League club of their choice.

Round Team Name Points Team Owner Town
27 Airedale Terriers 173 Declan Malley Castleford
26 Bash Street Kids 169 James Docherty Warrington
25 The Brady Bunch 157 G Brady Rochdale
24 A 40-20 Chance 202 Harry James Huddersfield
23 Pedigree Chums 215 Emma Reading Hull
22 Clock Face Saints 204 Gareth Jones St Helens
21 Horsforth Hoodies 185 Ryan Miller Leeds
20 Rev 'em Up 199 Danny McPherson Oldham
19 Longwood Harriers 201 Adie Armitage Huddersfield
18 Bully's K9s 250 Simon Brearley Bradford
17 Killer Tangerines 209 Danny Higson Wetherby
16 Haven 17 190 Steve Watts Whitehaven
15 Rainy Sundays 229 Mark Collins Wigan
14 Must be ahead of Wilko 212 Dave Garratt Hull
13 Kaspersky Seagulls 185 Kyle Bradbury Nottingham
12 City Slickers 216 Andy Sherratt Manchester
11 The Dawgs 224 Robbie Hancock Wigan
10 Mountain Goats 255 Mark Oldfield Bradford
9 Shay Stompers 180 Matt Thorne Halifax
8 Farnworth Falcons 182 Billy Helme Widnes
7 Topolino Select 211 Tony Mengazi Goole
6 Suzy's Vikings 192 Callum Barlow Workington
5 Sharp's Shooters 174 Chris Sharp Doncaster
4 Inglorious Bastards 198 Sean Williams Oldham
3 Summer Winners 194 Darren Baines Holmfirth
2 Hennie's Best Bet 184 Jonathon Henson Wigan
1 Woolston Broadway 222 Adrian Little Warrington

Where the Round Number is highlighted in red, this indicates that there was a tie for first place in this round.
The tie was resolved by declaring the team with the lowest value at that stage of the competition as the
winner (as per Competition Rule No.17).