We can now accept your team entries via the internet.  If you follow these step-by-step instructions then you will find the process quite straightforward:

1.    First download the Players' Register and select the players that you want in your team, in particular noting the players' Reference Numbers  Please remember the three "Golden Rules":

       a.    The total value for the team must not exceed 3 million.

       b.    You must not select more than two personnel from any on Super League club.

       c.    The coach and players must be selected in their correct positions.

2.    The new online Entry Form has been designed to assist you in correctly submitting a team.  All that you need to do is enter the three digit Player Reference Number and the database will fill in the other details for you (name, club and value).  It will stop you from entering a player in an incorrect position, plus it will stop you in selecting more than two personnel from any one club and prevent you from going over the 3 million limit.  The one thing that it will not do is prevent you from selecting the same player twice, which of course, is not allowed.

3.     Now select a name for your team (this must be kept to a maximum of twenty characters and not offensive please).  If you want your team to be included in one of the mini-leagues, then select one from the drop-down list.  If you want to subscribe to our web based Weekly Results service, then please check the box.  Finally, fill in your name, address and email address.

4.    Decide on how you want to pay and submit your entries.  You can pay via PayPal or you can print the Entry Form and post it to us along with a cheque/postal order for the entry fee.

       a.    If you decide to pay with your credit/debit card via PayPal, please submit all of your teams before moving to PayPal.  You can do this by using the "Another Entry" button.  When you have finished submitting your entries, then click on the "Submit & Payment" button.  This will then take you to your PayPal log-in screen.

       b.    Should you prefer to submit your entries via the post with a cheque/postal order, then you will need to use the "Print" button after completing each team.

5.    We hope you find everything as easy as we have tried to make it.  Go on - give it a go!  Click on the button below to bring up the Entry Form.

Entry Form

If you have any problems with the new Entry Form then please send us an email: